What's happening in this world is mind boggling ,

i would watch the social media, but had no idea what i could do , in May 2017, i was introduced to One free world international  Founder Rev.Majed El Shafie

I was asked if i will be able to sponsor two young girls to do laser Hair removal treatment. The story behind these two girls left me speechless.

The two Girls were captured by ISIS, brought and sold by ISIS multiple times as Sex slaves , they were Physically and sexually assaulted  Several times a day and were expected to shave their entire Body including face .

Repeated shaving on the face triggered facial hair growth. , when the girls landed in Canada, they were asked what is the one thing they really wanted that could help them,

the Girls mentioned if there was a way to get rid of Facial hair permanently that will mean a lot to them, since it was constant reminder of what they went through .

I happily sponsored these  girls, i had instinct to do more than laser Hair removal, so i reached back to Rev.Majed to see what could be done. With the help of volunteers i am able to put a program for these Girls and their family .

While we are working on the families who are here , there are still about 3000 women who are going through Rape and torture everyday in the ISIS camp ..:-( 

One of the only ways to get these girls out, is to buy them out it costs anywhere from 10-15k USD for each girl..

One Free world has been able to rescue more than 400 girls from the clutches of these heartless men..

There will be one more attempt tor rescue as many girls as possible, My Goal is to help get at least  2 girls out 

20% of all the donation can be used as credit towards any services that we offer .

Time is Ticking and every Dollar counts .

                                                                  BEST WISHES & THANK YOU 


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